About Juliet:

Growing up on a farm in southeastern Idaho provided many opportunities for me and my siblings to learn about and experience working the land.  Dad always had some work that needed done in the field.  Mom had a big garden and loved working in it.  We learned to love the soil and the things we grew.

Flower memories-

* One of my favorite memories combines work and flowers.  I was about 12 years old and my mom let each of the children choose a flowerbed to plan, plant, weed, water and tend to as we saw fit.

I chose the area around the back patio. The ground was prepared and a Honey Locust tree was planted.  I looked forward to the lacy, filtered shade it would provide.  Next, seeds for Zinnias and several 6-packs of Petunias were purchased to add color. As the flowers grew and blossomed I loved to watch the wildlife they attracted. I was hooked!

* Walking around Grammie C’s yard I fell in love with her big clump of baby blue delphiniums in a quiet corner.  I can still feel the intake of breath the first time I turned the corner and saw their beauty.  I still love them!

* Grandma J was a wiz at making a fishing pole from a willow branch when we were camping and making hollyhock dolls when at her house.

Today,  my family lives on a little 5 acre farm where we graze cows and are raising flowers, our two youngest children, a dog, a cat and some chickens.

My life has been greatly enriched by growing flowers and I am excited to share some of those flowers with you!

About the Farm:

Since 2012 our pasture has been used to graze cows and horses as well as a place for the chickens to find bugs and seeds to munch on.

2019 brings the addition of cut flowers to our farm.  A few of the flower crops will be: Cosmos, Bupleurum, Calendula, Companula, Bachelor Buttons, Larkspur, Sweet William, Delphinium, Strawflower, Snap Dragons, Sweet Pea, Bells of Ireland, Love-in-a-Mist, Black-Eyed Susan, Sun Flowers, Ammi, and Celosia.  You will be able to find our Market Bouquets at the Idaho Falls farmers market, through an online subscription, or from select local florists.  

You may be asking, “What exactly is a ‘Market Bouquet‘”?  A ‘Market Bouquet‘ is a bunch or bouquet of freshly cut locally grown flowers.  Their rainbow of colors and multiple textures are bundled together, ready for you to take home, put in a vessel, and enjoy for 7-14 days.